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Vape Breakfast Classics

Vape Breakfast Classics was founded in October, 2014 on the premise that we only vape flavors we love. We didn't create Pancake Man E Liquid to sell to the world, we created the flavor for ourselves. Call us selfish vapors, but the very first batches of Pancake Man E Liquid were mixed only for internal company use, the fact that it was so good we then realized we could offer the flavor to the vape world. Located in San Francisco, California we are exposed to many great food venues, and one of our favorite foods at Vape Breakfast Classics is Breakfast...Who would have thought;) It only made sense to create French Dude E Liquid as a follow up flavor to Pancake Man E Liquid. Our mantra is very simple, don't do something if you don't have passion for it. Our passion is in creating the very best breakfast themed vape e liquids.