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Batteries are crucial and potentially dangerous components of e-cigarettes. Good upkeep, ensuring your e-cig battery complies with UK safety standards and safe vape battery charging are imperative in order to assure maximum battery life and prevent accidents.

Vape Battery Charging Frequency and Duration

How often and for how long vape batteries will need to be charged depends on the size and type of battery and how much the vape is being used. Heavy users may have to charge standard batteries every 2 to 4 hours. To assure maximum lifespan, batteries should always be charged to full capacity. When charging e-cigarette batteries the first time, it is recommended to keep them connected for 1 to 2 hours after a full charge is indicated.

Tip: Keep a spare battery to enable vaping during vape battery charging.

Battery Lifespan

Lasting much longer than predecessors and usually providing between 200 and 250 charge cycles (some provide up to around 400 charges), even lithium-ion batteries will eventually wear out. Typically, a significant reduction in the generated vapour volume even when using a new cartomizer in a fully charged device indicates the need for replacement.

Keeping Vape Batteries in Peak Condition

Proper care and attention can maximise a battery's performance and extend its lifespan. This includes:

Regular Use - Lithium-ion batteries perform better when frequently used.
Careful Handling - Batteries should not be exposed to dust/other minute particles; impacts, water and direct sunlight or heat. Ideally, vapes, batteries and other accessories should be kept in a suitable carry case.
Never Draining Batteries Completely - Lithium-ion batteries should never be allowed to drain below 20%, as this will almost certainly reduce their expected lifespan. They also charge better/quicker if some charge is left in them.
Never Storing Drained/Empty Batteries - Batteries not in use for prolonged periods should be fully charged (minimum 70%) before storing, as storing empty/partially drained batteries could result in faster draining.

Removing the cartomizer while you are not using your vape is also recommended, as cartomizers drain power even when not actually in use, shortening intervals between charges and thereby decreasing battery life.

Vape Battery Charging Safety

Incorrect or unsafe charging can result in batteries exploding and/or overheating and causing fires. Vape battery charging accidents can be prevented by:

• Ensuring the battery, charger and cartomizer of your e-cigarette carry the CE mark to show they are in compliance with EU health, safety and environmental standards/legislation
• Always using the correct, supplied charger
• Never mixing and matching components from different brands of e-cigarettes
• Never screwing the battery too tightly into the charger (plug charger into power source, then screw battery in gently until light flashes
• Never leaving e-cigarettes unattended during charging
• Cleaning charger contacts and battery pins at lweast once every week with alcohol wipes or tissue
• Removing batteries from chargers as soon as they are fully charged

Batteries are now also required to be marked clearly with the WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) symbol (a crossed-out wheelie bin) and must be disposed of correctly at a recycling centre.