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Vape is defined in dictionaries as both a verb and a noun:
• To vape, vaping: to inhale/exhale vapour produced by electronic cigarettes or similar devices
• A vape: a vaporiser; an electronic cigarette, a personal device used to inhale water vapour
Essentially, vaping, or vape, is a tobacco-free alternative to smoking.

What is Vape? The Benefits

Applying heat to the vape liquid (e-liquid, juice or e-juice, as it is often also referred to), the vape provides users with a nicotine hit just like a cigarette would, but without the:

• Bad breath
• Bad smells around the house
• Staining of walls and furniture
• Dirty ashtrays
• Cigarette burns
• Risk of burning the house down by falling asleep

The risk of developing cancers and other illnesses associated with smoking tobacco is also reduced.

What is Vape? A Brief History

Vapes, or vaping, were invented in the 1960s by a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, whose father had died from a smoking related cancer. At the time, vapes were somewhat larger and subsequently used as a table-top, static device, rather than being carried around in pockets. Originally called 'Ruyan', meaning (loosely translated) 'smoke' or 'like smoke', these vaporisers soon became a hit and gradually made their way into the USA, where the terms 'vape' and 'vaping' were coined.

What is Vape? The Anatomy of a Vape

Most vapes are made up of the following components:

• Battery - obviously the vape's power source, the battery is charged via USB
• Tube - This is the vape's main body, or console
• Cartridge - The cartridge houses the e-juice/liquid
• Atomizer - This heats up the liquid and creates the vapour
• Cartomizer - Atomizer and cartridge rolled into one
• E-juice/liquid

Infused with nicotine, the water-based e-liquid basically contains either Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerine and, if desired, one of a large array of flavourings. As these ingredients are vaporised in the atomizer, they simulate the smoking experience.